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My Quran Story – Defining the Quran

Witness the profound impact of the Quran in modern society. “My Quran Story” is a four-part documentary capturing the spirit and profound impact of the Quran. We explore in detail the spiritual, emotional and intellectual role the Quran plays in modern society. Our first episode titled “Defining the Quran” captures the meaning of the Quran […]

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A waist of time

A waist of time – How diet-obsessed culture is leading to disordered eating amongst women “Mariam look at my tummy, I just can’t make this budge.” “If I just go Keto, I’ll get abs like Sara on instagram.” “I only do plant-based, organic, no gluten, diary…oh and no carbs.” We are constantly bombarded with #thinspiration, […]

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Police Brutality Must End Now

Like most of us, living in Sydney’s South West, we’re tired, fed up, and we’ve had enough. We are sick of the over-policing, the heavy-handedness, the non-stop sound of police helicopters over our heads, and the excessive use of force against those living within our communities. And most of all, we are disgusted at the […]