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Last Chance

An Australian first, this Islamic film is about a young man who tries to take a shortcut in life by selling drugs to attain a luxurious lifestyle. We follow him in his journey as he navigates his struggles with his parents and friends on board guiding him to see things through an Islamic perspective.

Al-Bayquniyah – A Journey into the Sciences of Hadith

Al-Bayquniyah is a classical Hadith poem that’s renowned in the science of Hadith and memorised by students from all around the world. Sheikh Ammar, a specialist in the field of Hadith, breaks down the Al-Bayquniyah poem and explains the beautiful science of Hadith in this premium course.

Arabic Series

Imagine listening to the Quran and being moved not just by the reciter, but by the meaning of the powerful words of Allah. This new course will take you on a special journey in learning the Arabic language – connecting you with the book of Allah. It’s never too late to learn the Arabic language. If you want to understand the Quran in the language it was revealed in, this is the perfect course for you.

Dawah Series

Giving Dawah to our friends and family is a highly rewarded act of worship. In fact, this was the role of the Prophets. However, sometimes it can be hard to strike up a conversation with friends and family when we want to advise them or see them doing something incorrect. In this course, Sheikh Omar El-Banna will teach you how to effectively give Dawah to the important people in your life.

Essential of Marriage Series

In this video series, Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim shares the basics of marriage that everyone should know. We learn what the intentions and purpose behind marriage should be, what to look for in a prospective spouse and how to ensure and maintain a successful marriage moving forward.

For more from Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim, visit https://yahyaibrahim.com/

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