Political Analyst and Journalist Sami Hamdi sits down with OnePath Network to discuss the future of Gaza and its implications on Muslims around the world.

Sami Hamdi highlights the power of ordinary voices and content, particularly Palestinian content, in reaching and influencing billions of people, leading to a shift in public opinion. He also emphasizes the importance of the Muslim community’s voice and the need for investment in intangible things like soft power and influence to protect their interests. Hamdi draws parallels between the power of the ordinary voice in the Palestinian resistance on TikTok and the early days of Islam, where the Prophet Muhammad inspired and converted people through his message and resilience. He encourages Muslims to engage with society and keep communicating to push back against attempts to restrict their ability to do so.

He also expresses optimism for the eventual liberation of Palestine and urges listeners to focus on their contributions to the cause rather than the outcome.