In a world increasingly driven by social media, the power of your voice cannot be underestimated. Recent events have shown that your seemingly insignificant actions on social platforms have the potential to reshape the narrative and influence global opinions, especially in the context of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Israeli ministers’ desperate attempts to control the spread of Palestinian content on social media serve as a testament to the impact your voice can have.

A Shift in Global Dynamics

Contrary to the belief that the Palestinian cause is continuously losing ground, it’s important to recognise the progress made over the past 90 years. Just a few decades ago, the Muslim world was under the grip of official colonisation, with major colonial powers occupying territories in the Middle East and North Africa. However, through the collective efforts and struggles of the Muslim ummah, official colonisation became unsustainable. France had to leave Algeria, the British had to withdraw from Egypt, and the Italians were forced out of Libya. The ummah, along with other colonised peoples worldwide, brought about a global shift towards respecting the independence of individual states.

The Power of Social Media

Fast forward to today, and we witness the impact of social media in shaping public opinion and challenging oppressive regimes. The Arab Spring demonstrated the ummah’s capacity to force change, even against seemingly invincible authoritarian regimes. The trajectory over the past century suggests that the ummah is making gains and victories, slowly but steadily moving forward.

Why Israel Fears Your Voice

Israeli ministers’ efforts to restrict the reach of Palestinian content on social media highlight their recognition of the ummah’s power. They understand that every like, share, comment, or retweet you make on pro-Palestinian content sends a powerful message. These actions force social media algorithms to prioritise such content, making it visible to a broader audience. Israeli ministers are not trying to control government or major accounts; they want to restrict your reach because your voice is amplifying the Palestinian narrative.

Your Impact on Global Opinion

The impact of your social media activism goes beyond mere online interactions. When the world sees what is happening in Palestine through your shared content, it influences global public opinion. In the UK, polls show that a significant majority supports an immediate ceasefire in Palestine. In the US, demands for a ceasefire are growing.

Your posts, likes, shares, and comments have put pressure on mainstream media to acknowledge their failure in questioning Israel’s actions adequately. The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, visited regional powers seeking help to contain your voice. He recognized the influence of your collective outrage.

A Shift in EU Dynamics

Even within the European Union (EU), differences are emerging publicly. EU officials are increasingly aware that they are losing global public opinion due to your efforts in exposing Israel’s actions in Gaza and Palestine. The term “apartheid” is being used to describe Israel’s actions, a shift brought about by public pressure.

The Unprecedented Shift

The Palestinian people themselves encourage you not to remain silent. They call on you to raise their voice and awareness. The unprecedented shift in global public opinion is a result of your persistent activism. Human Rights Watch and even Congress members now use the term “apartheid” concerning Israel. These changes are not top-down; they are driven by your collective voices.

Conclusion: Continue to Speak Out

Your voice holds more significance than you may realize. It is actively reshaping the narrative for Palestine and compelling the world to reevaluate its stance. When you ponder what you can do to support the Palestinians, remember that speaking out, raising awareness, and amplifying the Palestinian voice on social media are precisely what Israel fears the most. Continue your efforts, for you are undeniably making a substantial impact in the pursuit of justice and freedom for Palestine.