The year 2018 was full of memorable moments for Muslims. While some moments were sad, Other moments inspired change in the Muslim community. We have compiled a list of stories that inspired the Muslim Ummah in 2018.

Ali Banat passed away from cancer, after years helping the needy.

Ali Banat, a 32 year Muslim from Sydney, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer three years ago and passed away in Ramadan 2018. Upon diagnosis, he was given seven months to live but instead, he was blessed to live for another three years. He spent those three years getting rid of his lavish possessions in order to give it all back to the needy of Africa. He setup his own charity organisation to build orphanages, mosques and schools in Africa. The lesson we can draw from his inspirational story is that he used his “gift” to devote the remaining time he has left to serve his religion. May Allah grant him Jannah.


More than £150,000 raised for Syrian schoolboy.

A Syrian schoolboy was the victim of a brutal assault at his school in Huddersfield. Shortly after the video went viral, a crowdfunding page was launched by a Muslim who wanted to “put a smile on their faces”. So with the help of the Muslim community around the world, they raised an astounding £150,000.

Mohamed Salah never forgetting his Muslim roots.

2018 was a big year for this sports star. Mohamed Salah did the unthinkable by breaking the premier league record for goals in a thirty-eight-game season, and he also won the Golden Boot for the most goals in the Premier League. But that’s not what was so inspiring about his story. What is so inspiring about Mohamed Salah is that he has reached such international success and fame and still continues to practice his religion openly and proudly. We have seen Muslim celebrities in the past reach momentous success but unfortunately, they have seemed to drop their Muslim identity. But not with Mohamed Salah, he continues to be himself which is a devout Muslim.

Palestinian medic died trying to save Palestinian lives.

Although this story is tragic, all Muslims can draw inspiration from Razan al-Najjar. This Muslim Palestinian medical worker was the front lines of the protests on the border at the end of March aiding those who have been wounded by the IDF. She understood that she needed to put her life on the line in order to help her Palestinian brothers and sister protesting for something much greater than themselves. May Allah grant her Jannah.


Khabib stands in the face of Islamophobia in the UFC.

The fight between Khabib and Mcgregor was no doubt the biggest event this year. There was so much hype for this fight to be the biggest of all time in UFC history. However, during the hype and marketing, some boundaries were crossed by Connor’s side.  Mcgregor had made some racist and Islamophobic slurs but despite all that, Khabib remained calm and respectable. Even when Mcgregor offered Khabib alcohol at one of the press conferences, he refused to partake in any drinking. But It was Khabib’s fight outside the octagon that mattered. He knew how to represent Islam in an environment as volatile as the UFC and that is why this story is inspirational for Muslim in 2018.