Who is Mohamad Salah and why does the world love him

Mohamad Salah has taken the world by storm and it’s not just the Muslims who are in love with him. Born in Egypt, Salah is only 25 years old and plays for Liverpool FC and the Egyptian National team. Despite his young age, he currently sits as the highest point scorer in the Premier League for this season. He also sits at the second place just behind Christiano Ronaldo as the second highest point scorer in the Champions League. He is unapologetically Muslim and is often seen prostrating in Sujood Al-Shukr (the prostration of thanks) after scoring his goals. He is also often seen off the field reading the Quran. In an age of heightened fear of Muslims and Islam, many have also considered him the solution to Islamophobia. Playing for Liverpool FC, he has an extremely large following of British Non-Muslims and many now look up to him as a role model. It’s commonplace to see weekly tweets of his fans even saying they’re willing to convert to Islam as well. Salah also recently featured in anti-drug campaign commercial aired in Egypt. His appearance in the commercial proved so successful that calls to the Anti-Drug Hotline increased by 400%. May Allah accept all the efforts of Mohamad Salah and make him a role model for all around the world. May Allah also allow the beauty of Islam to flourish through his actions for the world to see the truth of this religion.