Sheikh Abdel Aziem Al-Afifi has been announced as the new Mufti of Australia. Following their 11th general assembly meeting, The Australian National Imams Council held an election for the position of Mufti of Australia. This comes as result of the previous Mufti, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohamad, completing the maximum constitutionally permitted two full terms of six years.
11th General Assembly of ANIC held on Sunday 18th of March. (ANIC)
The Australian National Imams Council Executive Committee which comprises of 18 eminent Imams from different states in Australia, elected Imam Abdel Aziem Al-Afifi as the new Mufti of Australia for a three-year session. The Victorian-based Sheikh Al-Afifi served as the president of the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) for two terms from 2010-2015. Born in Egypt, he graduated with a degree in Islamic studies. Al-Afifi also holds a masters degree in Quranic recitations. Sheikh Abdel Aziem arrived in Australia in the year 2000 where he served numerous Islamic Societies and schools. The previous Mufti Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohamad was known for his unprecedented service to the Muslim community, and The Australian National Imams Council asked that all parties of the Muslim community cooperate with the new Mufti and wished him success in serving Islam.
Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad – Completed six years as Mufti of Australia. (image: Facebook)
In a Press Release issued on Sunday 18th of March, 2018, The Australian National Imams Council emphasized that they are the official Islamic religious authority recognised by the Australian government, hence, any other party claiming the role of Mufti is false and has no basis. This statement comes after the recurring allegations presented by Mustafa Rashed, whom the Australian National Imams Council assured is not a member of their council and stated he is not known or recognised to the Muslims in the community.
Mustafa Rashed – an imposter who has claimed he is the Mufti of Australia.
Mr. Rashed alongside Mr. Mohammed Tawhidi, were both interviewed last year by a prominent Australian channel as representatives of the Muslim community where they made shocking allegations against Muslims in Australia. OnePath Network previously released a story about the pair, and ANIC released a statement at the time refuting their bogus claims. These “so-called” Imams have no known credentials in Islamic Studies or any center/following in Australia. Mr. Rashed has also appeared on satellite channels in the Middle East falsely claiming that he is the Mufti of Australia.