One year since the passing of Ali Banat

Ali Banat passed away a year ago and his story is still inspiring millions around the world today.

He was renowned for being ‘gifted with cancer’ after his sickness inspired him to start a charity. His charity MATW achieved major success in his life and brought much aid to the needy. He helped build schools, housing and orphanages for widows and children in West Africa. His charity also established many local businesses to help empower communities and promote local sustainability. To this very day, MATW continues to grow. In the past year, MATW built a new orphanage centre that can house up to 1000 orphans. They also built 30 more Masjids and have helped invite over 10,000 people to Islam. Matw has also just began constructing. Ghana’s first ever Islamic University. Ali has truly left behind a legacy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]