ENGLISH TRANSCRIPTION I thank Allah and send peace and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ My beloved brothers and sisters Assalamu Alaykom wa rahmatu’Allah  wa barakatuhu The more the disconnection is between a slave and his Creator Allah, His Sustainer and His source of guidance The more problems he faces between others And the first relationship affected by that disconnect is The relationship between a husband and wife As well as parents with his children and vice versa Cause just like there are children mistreating their parents Some parents mistreat their children Some parents don’t know how to raise their children well They neglect their children’s needs And they forget to be their friends And to be close to them and listen to them If we were to imagine a triangle on the screen now With three sides The top point of the triangle will be the Quran and Sunnah The right corner of the triangle will be the Husband And the left corner is the Wife And let’s imagine the distance of the line from husband to wife is 10cm This means the more the husband and wife move up towards the Quran and Sunnah Meaning they following the Quran and Sunnah in their daily life   The closer the distance between them becomes So their fights decrease And they agree on more things “And We amended his wife for him” (Quran 21:90) So amendment descends from heaven, and lands in the household Ibn Abbas used to say, “I know I am committing sins, if my horse and my wife start to bad behaviour towards me.”   If his horse is giving him a hard time, he knows he has committed a sin And if his wife is giving him a hard time, He knows there is something wrong with his relationship with Allah Fix the relationship between you and Allah, And Allah will consequently fix your relationship between you and your spouses, between you and your children   May Allah grant tranquility and peace to all of your homes And Allah knows best..