Fame, Fitnah and Music | Podcast with Siedd & Essam

In today’s world, there is no escaping music. It floods our radios, newsfeeds and it’s played in almost all public spaces. Yet, despite its immense presence in mainstream culture – to Muslims, music can be something quite contentious. With the increasing promiscuity and vulgarness of mainstream music, coupled with a history of debate over the Islamic permissibility of instruments, many Muslims today find themselves struggling with the topic. Yet amidst the struggle, many creative young Muslims have taken it upon themselves to provide the Muslim world with an alternative. Through the use of catchy vocal backgrounds and crafty faith based lyrics, created Muslim artists such as Siedd (a gifted singer) and Essam (a talented rapper), have been able to produce tracks that resonate with and relate to young Muslims around the world. With videos that have raked in millions of views, their lyrics are undeniably reaching hearts worldwide. We sat down with the pair to find out what it’s like to be a Muslim artist – this is what took place.