Muslims have taken social media by storm in the last few years – but how do we navigate the new terrain we find ourselves in? Mufti Menk discusses all things social media, from influencers, haters, new converts and even his own unique style of Dawah online. Mufti Menk discusses all things online, from Elon Musk to Andrew Tate. It was a friendly yet inspirational conversation, we hope you enjoy the listen!


00:00 Introduction
01:02 Welcoming the Mufti
02:21 Is the rise of Muslim Social Media Stars a Good thing?
04:47 The Quality of Muslims versus the Quantity
06:35 Understanding that everyone has a role to play
08:02 Reacting to Andrew Tate converting to Islam
12:19 What is the attractiveness to Islam?
16:12 How Mufti Menk “normalised” Muslims through Dawah
20:19 The importance of making Muslims happy
21:15 If Mufti Menk had control over Twitter
24:20 If Mufti Menk could met Elon Musk
27:48 The Toxicity of Muslim Social Media and Cancel Culture
31:17 Muslims should stop competing against each other
32:09 Building others and mentorship
33:03 Mufti Menk’s thoughts on Khabib
34:15 Muslims bringing each other down
35:22 A message to young boys and girls struggling with faith
37:15 How does Mufti Menk survive marriage as a social icon
40:05 If Mufti Menk met Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
42:36 Final Message to Muslims infighting and bickering
46:43 Closing