Muslim man killed protecting woman from harassment in Egypt

A brave young Muslim, 28 year old, Sayed Taha, was murdered after intervening to stop a man from sexually harassing a woman in Cairo, Egypt. The incident took place in the mid afternoon in the Basateen area of South Cairo. Taha, an owner of an ironing service shop, overheard a woman being harassed in a nearby restaurant. After attending the scene with his brother, he was able to stop a man from sexually harassing a woman. Both he and his brother successfully escorted the man from the premises and went about their day. Hours later, Taha was approached by the family of the victim who wished to file a police report in relation to the incident. It was shortly after this that the attacker returned to the scene, breaking into Taha’s shop and stabbing him repeatedly, leaving Taha for dead.Taha leaves behind a 10 year old daughter and a widow. His family have spoken to the media Al Mehwar TV, praying that justice is served on Taha’s behalf. A GoFundMe page has also been launched to help his family in this dire situation, raising over $14,000 thus far. Sexual harassment is a punishable offence in Egypt, carrying a prison sentence of anywhere between six months to five years. The attacker has since been imprisoned and is awaiting his sentencing. Several campaigns have been launched in recent years addressing the topic of sexual harassment in Egypt. It is hoped that the tragic death of Taha will serve as an even stronger message to halt sexual harassment throughout the world. May Allah have mercy on brother Sayed Taha and grant him a high station in Paradise.