This is what the Hijab means for Muslim Women

Sister Aminah Assilmi (May Allah have mercy on her) explains to Muslims and Non-Muslims what the true meaning of wearing the Hijab (Head scarf). Sadly a majority of Muslims cannot explain why the Muslim Woman wears the Hijab. The Hijab’s main purpose (according to the Quran) is to identify as being recognised as a true Muslim. It is unfortunate how many Muslims do not know the reasons or the value of the Hijab (head scarf) for a Muslim woman. The value of the Hijab, among other reasons, is to be identified as a Muslim woman. When a Muslim woman is seen wearing a hijab in public, she is identified as a Muslim Woman. She has showed courage and strength. The hijab is a symbol of an Islamic attitude. The Islamic attitude is that a Muslim woman will not be taken advantage of, a muslim woman is not an object for the desire of other people, she is not meant to be played with. A muslim woman wears her Hijab proudly letting everybody know that she has self respect and so she deserves respect from everyone else. That is the value of the hijab in Islam.