Billy Dib: Former World Champion

In this exclusive interview, former two-time boxing world champion Billy Dib reveals the dark hidden truth about becoming champion of the world. Billy Dib lived his entire life thinking that becoming Champion of the world would bring him true happiness, yet following a roller-coaster of a career, he slowly came to realise how wrong he was. He climbed his way up the boxing ranks to eventually being signed to TMT Promotions (The Money Team) and becoming friends with 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. Yet despite it all, he only ever found happiness through Allah and his religion. The interview, presented by Mohamed Hoblos, leads us through the ups and downs of Billy’s career and sheds light on some of the many lessons he learned along the way. Note: OnePath Network does not condone boxing, due to the strict Islamic prohibition on striking another man’s face. However, we hope that viewers will appreciate that this story is far deeper than boxing and the underlying message is undeniably beneficial. Also See: Sonny Bill Williams Makes Umrah