The Reality of this World

We all love the Dunya. We all love the worldly life and all the glamour it contains, from its cars, to its houses, to its wealth and all the luxuries it has to offer. We desire its riches, its comforts and the sparks of happiness it brings. We love it. It’s a fact none of us can deny. Yet the sad part about it is, as much as we love this world, it will never love us back and only ever run away from us. The truth is, this world will only ever tempt you, tease you and eventually break your heart.

The failure to find contentment in life.

You see, no matter how much of the world’s treasures you acquire it will never satisfy your desires. It will never make you content and you will almost always wish for more. For almost every time the world offers you something of value, it will quickly divert your attention to the next best thing. It will make you long for the next bigger house, the next faster car, the next phone, the next pay rise or job promotion. It absorbs you into a rat race that will never end.                                                                                                                                                   

The reality that we will all depart from this world.

The Prophet Muhammad said “Nothing will suffice the belly of the children of Adam, except for dirt (meaning death)”.
And by Allah, it is only once we depart this world will we truly realise the shallowness of all the glitz and glamour surrounding us. They say death once asked life, why does everyone love you, yet hate me. Life replied, because you are a painful truth, while I am a beautiful lie.
As Allah says in the Quran “And what is this world except the enjoyment of delusion”.
This world is fake. It’s an illusion. This whole world is a lie. And we live our lives trying our best to shun out this reality. Whether we admit it or not, our homes will eventually have new owners. Our cars will eventually become outdated. The girl we once dreamt of will become old. It’s the nature of life and the sooner we understand this, the less bitter we will feel once it leaves us – for it surely will.

The true value of this world.

The Prophet Muhammad promised us that this entire world was as worthless as the price of a defected goat that was dead. Imam Al Shafii said he wouldn’t purchase this world for a loaf of bread. So why are we infatuated with this temporary home that we know we must eventually leave. You see, this world was meant to be the ground upon which we walk, yet we have let it creep into our hearts. We’ve fallen in love with something that will never love us back. And it will continue to break our hearts until we realise this painful truth.

Our only true happiness.

If you want happiness, if you want joy, if you want true fulfilment. I make oath by Allah that there is no other way to find it except through Him, Allah. The creator of the Heavens and the Earth. You see, Allah is the one who created love and happiness and has made it only possible through Him.
When he says explicitly in the Quran “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”.
And every other place you seek happiness in that is in absence of Allah, will only leave you empty and miserable.
As Allah has said “And whoso turns from my remembrance will have a miserable life”.
If you want to attain happiness; know there is no other way except through Allah. Everything else is destined to disappear while only He will remain.