Assam, an indian state ruled by PM Modi’s Hindu Nationalist Party passed a law abolishing all Islamic schools and Madrasas, despite strong protests against it from opposition parties. Assam’s education minister, BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma exclaimed:
“We need more doctors, police officers, bureaucrats, and teachers from the minority Muslim community rather than imams for mosques,”
Opposition parties and the public criticised this move and stated that it reflected the government’s anti-Muslim agenda. A congress party politician, Wajed Ali Chowdhury, said that “The idea is to wipe out Muslims”. This law was hurriedly passed just a few months before local elections. Because of this law, more than 700 schools and madrasas will be all closed down by April this year. Since the right wing BJP government came to power, its anti-muslim sentiment has surged exponentially. This has been reported as a move to marginalize Muslims. Actions against Muslims have increased especially after the pass of the Citizen amendment act and National Register of Citizens, robbing citizenship and rights of Muslims in India. May Allah help our brothers and sisters in need in Assam and grant them ease in their education and daily lives.