This is how the Qur’an describes the Final Day

The Qur’an describes many names and qualities of the day that all Abrahamic faiths hold to be a reality, the Day of Judgement.

This is the day on which all of humanity will be resurrected, and each person will be taken to account for their deeds, before ultimately entering their final abode of either heaven or hell.

Surah Al-Haqqah draws for as a extraordinarily vivid scene as to what awaits for us on that day.

Here are 7 names of the Day of Judgment mentioned in the Qur’an:

1. Yawm Al-Qiyaamah – The Day of Rising

It is given that name because of the rise of great terrors on that day and because the people will rise (from their graves) to Allah The Almighty.

2. Yawm Al-Hasrah – The Day of Regret

On which the negligent will regret what they neglected of their religion.

3. Al-Qaari’ah – The Striking Calamity

This day will strike the people with its great terrors.

4. Yawm Al-Fasl – The Day of Judgment

On it Allah will judge between His servants.

5. Yawm Ad-Deen – The Day of Recompense

On it Allah will recompense each one according to his/her deeds.

6. Al-Haaqqah – The Inevitable Reality

It will make Paradise inevitable to some and Hellfire inevitable to others, and it will have the reward and requital, and all things will be real.

7. Yawm At-Talaaqi – The Day of Meeting

On which the foremost and the last will meet with Allah.

Other names also refer to Judgement day such as the ones below:

  • Al-Yawm Al-Aakhir (the Last Day) – there will be no day after it.
  • As-Saa’ah (the Hour) – named due to its nearness, or because it will come unexpectedly in an hour.
  • Yawm Al-Ba’th (the Day of Resurrection) – on this day Allah will resurrect the dead from their graves.
  • Al Yawm Al-Khurooj (the Day of the Exodus) – the people will come out of their graves on this day.
  • Yawm Al-Khulood (the Day of Eternity), the meaning of which is clear.
  • Yawm At-Taghaabun (the Day of Deprivation) – the inhabitants of Paradise will deprive the denizens of Hellfire of what is prepared in it for them by Allah, and they will inherit the share of the disbelievers in Paradise.