You can’t deny the Prophet

“Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research is a research institute which aims to instill conviction and inspire contribution based on mainstream Islamic texts.” As part of his presentation on cultivating certainty in Islam, Sheikh Mohammad el-Shinawy beautifully describes the importance of the Prophet in guaranteeing certainty and security in our faith. Doubts within Islam can often come from an inability for people to accept or consider the existence of a Divine being. They become trapped in an obsession with fact and observation, and cannot see beyond the limitations of humanity. This is however where the role of the Prophet becomes so important. Even if we put aside the evidence for the existence of God, by studying and understanding the life of the Prophet, any fair observer would recognise his incredible uniqueness .
How can you deny prophet Muhammad
From his qualities of mercy and gentleness, despite his harsh and unforgiving environment, to his bravery and valor on the battlefield, to his ability to enact effective and lasting social change, to his recognition as being the most influential figure in human history, this man is undoubtedly special . With this assurance, Muslims can feel safe in the knowledge that this could not happen by chance, that this man must have had to help, and that the only help that could have produced this had to have come from God. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him ! Read more in The Heart’s Armor by MOHAMMAD ELSHINAWY