Have Our Children Become Orphans?

The youth have become so out of touch with their parents that they have become 21st-century orphans. A 21st-century orphan is a child whose parents are alive but might as well not. This is because the parents neglect their children’s interests. When the child comes to the father with an exciting story, the father says ‘go away I’m busy!’. And so it should come as no surprise to any parent that your child has left you. Our youth have become orphans without ever having to lose their parents. It is a saddening truth. The parents don’t want their issues, they go to the next sheikh to talk to their child. They ask the sheikh to tell their children about the obligations of the children to their parents. The parents don’t want to acknowledge their obligations and duties to their kids. Their children actually despise their parents, simply because the parents don’t want to take the initiative to get to know their children. Even when parents aren’t working, they are at home on their phones, TV, computer. So even when they aren’t busy they still are busy. Parenting is a full-time job, it is the best investment you can ever make. Unfortunately, paying attention to our children has become our second job. So when parents say ‘we need to work on our youth’, what about you brother/sister? Don’t the parents need to work too? The religion that the parent practices the religion the youth will practice. So no matter how many Quran memorisation schools you put your child in, he/she will only practice the Quran you practice. Your child is a reflection of you. So do not let your child think of him/her self as an orphan.