Who was Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Spoken Word

This is an incredible spoken word piece that highlights the life of the Final Messenger of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ. Delivered by Naveed Ahmed, UK, the poem summarises the major events in the biography of the Prophet along with various descriptions of the his noble character.   The lyrics to the poem are as follows:   Born in the year of the Elephant Even as a child he was special it was evident Birth of The Prophet mentioned in the Old Testament Deuteronomy 18:18 that’s your reference Perfectly proportioned the most handsome, most elegant Impeccable character the most humble and intelligent Compassionate, considerate in speech he was most eloquent Even before he was a Prophet he was a man of great eminence   He’s ranked number one in Michael Heart’s book most influential Please refer to the books of Hadith If you need to check his credentials His message is worshipping Allah alone is essential and The Quran and his teachings make up all our fundamentals   On the day of Judgement, we rely on Allah’s mercy and his intercession. His words pearls of wisdom teaching us valuable lessons Liberator of women’s rights he was against all oppression The English language can’t do justice Forgive me for my indiscretions   His face was more radiant than the full moon And his sweat smells better than the most expensive perfume The light that shone bright like the sun shines at noon Follow his example if you want to be Al Muttaqun (the pious) He came to an illiterate nation at a time of desperation He was a real revolutionary who ruled by revelation Seal of the Prophets we wish him peace and salutation Testify he’s the messenger of Allah before our daily congregation   When the Arabs worshipped fire and idols he took them out of Jahiliyya (ignorance) Those were the real dark ages until people started to see clear He faced so many hardships but still he’d persevere And his Dawah is the reason why you see me standing here   Even his enemies knew him as As Sadiq Al Amin (The truthful and trustworthy one) They tried to assassinate his character when he spread the message of Tawheed (Islamic monotheism) He tried to invite everybody to Sirat Al Mustaqim (straight path) but most rejected his message and didn’t take heed Every step he’d take was for Allah and his Deen (religon)   Allah split the moon for the Quraish yet they still didn’t believe In fact they tortured the believers What a horrid sight it must’ve been But imagine the status in Jannah of the earliest Shaheed (martyr)   They called him a liar, a soothsayer, a madman and a magician They couldn’t swallow their pride and let go of their traditions Offered him power wealth and women to stop spreading the religion   But he said even if you offer me the sun and the moon I won’t accept your proposition They threw animal intestines on the Prophet while he was in prostration Even stepped on the blessed neck of the best of all creation But instead of retaliation he turned to his lord in supplication Inna Allah Ma As Sabireen (2:153), Verily Allah is with the patient   He was boycotted insulted treated like an outcast But through the pain and the struggle, he’d still remain steadfast He’s a mercy to mankind it even says in the Quran Surat Al Anbiya verse 107 He even lead the Anbiya (Prophets) in Salah before he ascended above the heavens When he went to preach in Ta’if, yeah, they pelted him with stones He had blood soaked shoes and he was bruised down to the bone Jibreel (Gabriel) Alayhi Salam (peace be upon him) descended and said give me the command and I’ll get the angel of mountains to destroy all their homes but Allah’s merciful messenger said no and let them be for the land may one day be home to people who believe   I remember these stories in times of difficulty And remind myself that The Prophet had it more difficult than me Even through the slander and the rumours spread by the people of Quraish The Ansar came to know about the Prophets message and his demeanour They accepted Islam and vowed to keep The Prophet safe So The Messenger Of Allah had migrated to Madinah At that that time it was known as the city of Yathrib He ended their tribal feuds and led the people with justice The land of the dates became the most blessed place Became an even bigger problem for the people of Quraish Because their caravans to Shaam were no longer safe The believers had a home, Islam had a base   He was content in every situation as it is all Allah’s Qadr He even had the help of the angels at the battle of Badr He taught us to love for ourselves what we love for each other And SubhanAllah he even referred to you and me as his brothers I envy the sand that met his blessed feet It’s hard to comprehend how a man could be so humble He’s the perfect example for the likes of you and me He even forgave the people that mutilated his uncle   The Sahaba became human shields for The Prophet When he would make Wudu (ritual purification) They would make sure they catch every single droplet of water that would flow off his blessed body Their actions proved that they loved him more than anybody Islam spread from medina Muslims multiplied in numbers The idolaters in Makkah feared that their days were numbered   And when The Prophet returned to Makkah he could have taken his revenge On the people who use to oppress and torment He could have captured and enslaved them He was in a position of power and surrounded by thousands of brave men What he did next left the people in amazement Rahmatul Lil Alameen (mercy to the worlds) Turned around and forgave them   The best leader the best father the best husband the best person Imagine how it must have felt to witness the last sermon Imagine you were there and lent an attentive ear And you had to hear that the messenger of Allah May not be with you the next year.   Indeed, the greatest calamity is when he departed this Dunya We show our love for the beloved by following his Sunnah Insha’Allah on the Day of Judgment We get to drink from his blessed hand 21st century role model he’s not just your average 7th century man May Allah reunite us with him in Jannah And save us from the fire of Jahannam We love him more than our own selves. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam (peace be upon him)