Did you know there are over 124,000 prophets in Islam? But not just that! The Holy Prophet (s) gave us insight into the lives of some of these prophets and the scriptures that they came with. So, what do Muslims believe about past prophets?

In The Beginning…!

The first prophet Allah (j) sent us was Adam(as). Adam(as) was created in Jannah and then sent to earth with his wife, Hawa, after approaching the forbidden tree. Allah (j) honored Adam by making the angels make sajdah to him Adam and gave him knowledge which even the angels did not possess!

The Babylonians

Idris(as), also known as Enoch was born five generations after Adam(as). He lived in Babylon and called his people back to the religion of his forefathers but was mocked, only a few listened to him.

The Great Flood!

Nuh(as) is one of the greatest prophets of Islam, he called his people for over 900 years! Only about eighty of his people became muslim. Due to their disobedience, Allah (j) sent a great flood but saved Nuh(as) and his followers.

‘Ad and Thamud

Hud and Saleh are two famous prophets in Islam. Hud was the prophet of a people called ‘Ad. The ‘Ad were famous for their craftsmanship and built lofty towers. But this made them arrogant and they completely rejected Hud (as). For their disobedience, Allah ﷻ destroyed them with a great storm.

Saleh was sent to the Thamud who were descendants of ‘Ad. The Thamud were skilled stone craftsmen who made homes in the mountains. Saleh produced a miraculous she-camel for the Thamud but they rejected it and killed her out of spite. Allah ﷻ sent a violent earthquake and a terrifying cry which came from the heavens – ultimately destroying the Thamud.

The Abrahamic line

Ibrahim (as) is one of Allah’s greatest prophets and the patriarch of several prophets. He was given wisdom from an early age and rejected the idol worshipping of his tribe. This caused him to be outcast by his tribe who punished Ibrahim by catapulted him into a fire.

” We ordered, “O fire! Be cool and safe for Abraham!””(Quran 21:69)

But the fire was only a source of coolness.

Despite his efforts only one man, Lut (as), and one woman, Sarah, would believe and follow him. Lut would become a prophet and Sarah would become his wife.

Allah ﷻ gave Ibrahim the Suhuf, an early revelation that was recorded on scrolls.

Two Brothers

Ismail and Ishaq were both children of Ibrahim (as). Ismail (as) lived in Mecca with his mother Hajar, he was a very skilled hunter and would build the Ka’bah with his father. Ishaq (as) was miraculously born to his mother, Sarah, during her old age. He settled in Palestine and Allah ﷻ made him the patriarch of Jacob (as) and Yusuf (as).

The Most Beautiful Man

Yusuf (as) was a descendent of Ibrahim and was famous for his beauty. Out of jealousy, his brothers threw Yusuf (as) into a well when he was young boy. He was eventually saved and then enslaved by a passer by. Yusuf (as) would later go from slave to convict but was always patient, with a beautiful patience.

Allah ﷻ would later save Yusuf (as) and made him a very high administrator in the land of Egypt. Yusuf (as) would later meet his brothers and forgave them all.

The Giant Slayer!

Dawud (as) was one of the kings of Israel. Allah ﷻ gave him a beautiful voice as well as the ability to speak to animals. When he was a young soldier he was the only man to challenge the giant Talut. During the battle, Dawud (as) put one pebble in his sling and flung it at Talut’s head. Blood gushed out and Talut fell lifeless onto the ground.

Allah ﷻ gave Dawud (as) the Zabur which were a list of sacred hymns, praising Allah.

Let My People Go!

Musa (as) is one of the greatest prophets of Allah ﷻ and is mentioned multiple times in the Quran. When he was a baby his mother put him in a basket in the river to save him from the soldiers of Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s wife, Asiya, found him on the riverbank and raised him in the house of Pharoah.

Musa (as) would later lead the Israelites out of Egypt, saving them from the tyranny of Pharoah. Musa (as) was given the Torah which comprises the first five books of the Hebrew bible.

The Messiah

Isa (as) is one of the greatest prophets of Allah ﷻ. He was given the Injeel which Christians refer to as, The Gospel. He was miraculously born a a virgin birth by Maryam, one of the holiest women of Islam. And when he was a baby he was miraculously able to speak.

Isa (as) was an ascetic and given many great miracles, including the ability to raise the dead back to life. Before the Romans could kill him Allah ﷻ saved Isa (as) and ascended him to heaven.

He is known as the Messiah and will one day come back to fight against the Dajjal.

So that is a quick overview of what Muslims believe about past prophets and scriptures.