Urgent Bushfire message for Muslims in Australia

Australia is burning. Millions of acres of land have been burnt, hundreds of homes have been destroyed and a number of people have died. With unprecedented drought conditions coupled by catastrophic fires, this is the worst bushfire season in Australia’s history. As Muslims, seeing such catastrophes unfold is a reminder for us to turn to Allah and ask Him for His help and mercy. These natural disasters are striking reminders of our weakness as human beings, our inability, our powerlessness in the face of Allah. These moments remind us that we are not in control and are completely dependant on Allah. As Muslims, we care about all those suffering, wherever they are around the world. We call on fellow Muslims in Australia to go out and show your support, your brotherhood, and sisterhood. Get involved with the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and your local State Emergency Service (SES). Support those affected with your time, by donating to your local charities, so they can support the victims of these bushfires. Raise your hands and ask Allah the Almighty to send beneficial rain to alleviate the pains of those who are suffering. May Allah grant us ease.