The one question everyone should ask themselves.

Let me help you answer the most important question in your life.
Come with me
Imagine waking up on an abandoned Island one morning. You don’t know where you are, how you got here or why you’re here. What would you do? Like most of us, the most obvious thing would be to first find out answers to these questions. You would search far and wide; for clues and signs; and anything that can perhaps guide you towards the right direction. Does it sound like the obvious thing to do right? The most common sense option? Well, you’d actually be surprised. You see, there is the really little difference between waking up here, and waking up here; on planet Earth. In both cases, we don’t know how we got here, where we exactly are and most importantly why we’re here. So why the difference in response? I mean, why is it perfectly understandable to search for answers here, but completely inappropriate to search for answers here? Strange isn’t it? Well, Let’s take this a bit further. Let’s say you continue walking along this abandoned island and to your relief you finally find someone that can help you. Well, what if he’s not interested? How would that make you feel? Upset, bewildered, confused. I mean what could possibly be more important than this? Well, what if I was to tell you that this happens every single day. Where we have 101 unanswered questions on life and most of us are simply uninterested. We’re busy. Whether it’s in work, family, wealth, fashion, entertainment or catching up with the latest technology. It’s not to say that these things are wrong, but surely they’re not more important than answering the most important question in life.

Our purpose.

You see, we can ignore all of this if we wanted to. I mean, no matter how important these questions are. At the end of the day no one’s forcing us to answer these questions. But there is one last thing. Our time here is limited. And the reality is, no one knows when, where or how we leave this world. But we have to leave one day. And until then, would we still want to ignore this question. Now I don’t plan on enlightening you with your purpose in this short video. But I can at least ask you to start searching. You’ll get there.
“Indeed in the creation of the heavens and the Earth and the alternation of the night and day are signs for those of understanding” Quran 3:190