Five Powerful Proofs that God Exists

Here’s a short and concise list containing five proofs that God exists sourced from the Yaqeen Institute article: The Case for Allah’s Existence in the Quran and Sunnah
  1. Pure Instinct

Human beings can sense the existence of a higher power by pure instinct. Some scientists will argue that this belief is inbuilt within our genes. (Hamer, The God Gene, p.6.)
  1. The Design of the Universe

From the most gigantic of stars to the smallest of microbes, everything in existence contains a set of laws designed to serve a purpose. (Michael Hanby, No God, No Science? p. 212) We can therefore conclude that an intelligent force must be behind all this.
  1. Spiritual Fulfillment

The human being is a deeply spiritual being that yearns for inner peace, moral education and meaning. Those who believe in God attain a state of tranquility regardless of their physical circumstances, for they are in tune with the divine. Barrett, Justin L., Why Would Anyone Believe in God?, p. 66.
  1. Everything has a cause

The reality is that everything that begins to exist has a cause that brought it into existence. Since this Universe began to exist, it must therefore require an initial cause that is far more powerful than it.
  1. The precision of nature

The laws of nature have been fine tuned to precise measurements in order for life to exist. The precision reaches far beyond the scope of any coincidence. For instance, had the big bang explosion differed in strength by as little as 1/10⁶⁰, life would have been impossible. (Physicist Robin Collins). The chance of this happening by coincidence is like firing a bullet at a one-inch target twenty billion light years away and hitting. (Murray, Reason for the Hope Within, p. 49.)   To read the full article, visit the link: