It seems like killing the man wasn’t enough. No, they had to burn him too.

And on the same night in another incident, a husband and father to be murdered, and his friends now in critical condition.

This community is fed up. And it’s hard enough. We’ve seen enough tragedies have young men in their prime, killed and murdered and slain, some in front of their kids, some in front of their wives in front of their homes, in front of schools in front of mosques. We’ve even killed innocent family members, just to prove a point.

And for the streets? We’ve left the greatest thing on earth, which is faith, Islam, that Allah has honored us with. We’ve left this for the streets? Allah has honored the human being. Islam has honored the human beings life, the human beings intellect, his wealth, his honor, his lineage. Islam came to raise humanity and society, we’ve left this for the streets. The streets has made the human’s life cheap, his wealth, cheap, his intellect cheap, no value, have we forgotten how to be men? How to be Muslims? How to be honorable human beings, resolve our disputes by talking, going to our parents going to the share, going to people of influence, people of authority? Have we forgotten all of these? Really, I have to kill? We need more kids on our streets orphaned? We need more women that are widowed? Do we need more mothers that have to live the rest of their lives with the pain and the agony of burying their own sons? Over what? To kill? To take matters into your own hands?

Do you know what it means to take the life of someone? My brother, do you know what it means to take the life of someone?Allah ﷻ says in the Quran, to kill the life of one human being. It is as if you have taken the life of every human being. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to us, that it is easier in the sight of Allah, that you dismantle the Kaaba, brick by brick, than a shed a single drop of blood of your brother. Now we kill. Do you know what it means that takes someone’s life?

You’re challenging Allah! Life and death belong to Allah. When you decide to take matters into your own hands, What you’re saying to Allah is “Oh Allah, You don’t know how to do your job. I’m gonna do it for you.” You’re challenging Allah my brothers!