Muslims today play the role of fire fighters clearing any misconceptions about Islam like a fire fighter would to flames. Islam is no doubt one of the most misunderstood religions on the face of this planet today. A simple stroll through one’s newsfeed is bound to be filled with people speaking either for or against Islam and in most instances such discussions are fueled with misunderstandings and misconceptions about Islam. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent misconceptions we’ve come across throughout our travels on social media. We’ve also broken them down to shed light on the reality of such views.

1. Islam is only for Arabs

Islam was sent as a religion for the entirety of humanity. It strongly advocates against racial discrimination and is open to all people.

2. Islam is oppressive to women

Islam elevates the status of women, granting them rights to inherit, divorce, education and much more. God also promises women immense reward for their roles as mothers, wives and daughters.

3. Jihad means violent war

Linguistically Jihad translates to struggle. It can extend towards any struggle of good against evil. Nevertheless, although Jihad does indeed encompass fighting, it has many stringent conditions to ensure it is done morally.
Misconceptions about Islam

4. Muslims worship Muhammad

Muslims only worship God alone, without any partners. Muslims don’t associate any godliness to any of the Prophets, they were but men chosen by God to lead people towards righteousness.

5. Islam is a new religion

Muslims believe in all Prophets including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Muslims believe all the Prophets were Muslim and worshiped the same God alone without any partners.

6. Muslims hate non-Muslims

The Quran implores Muslims to show kindness to all those that do not fight them or expel them from their homes. This no doubt encompasses the vast majority of Non-Muslims living alongside Muslims in peace today. The Quran even urges Muslims to respond with “Peace” to those that are ignorant and offensive. These misconceptions about Islam are abundant and infectious that take the form of any rumor that travels around between friends and family. So treat these misconceptions about Islam like any rumor and read more into them.