1.  Making Sincere Dua

Never Underestimate the power of weeping and supplicating to Allah! Pray for the safety of people of Plaestine and for the ability to go there one day. Use Allah’s names i.e.
‘Ar-Rahman’ The All-Compassionate ‘Al-Mu’iz’  The Bestower of Honors ‘Al-’Adl’ (العدل)  The Just ‘Al-Mujib’ (المجيب)  The Responder to Prayer
  1.  Teach yourself and your family the importance of Palestine.

We should keep reminding ourselves and teaching our children the importance of the sacred grounds of Palestine. The land of Al-Sham, and Palestine in particular, have special significance in the stories of all our Prophets.    Learn their stories and your love for Palestine will grow.  
  1.  Raise Awareness about the oppression and the significance of Palestine, in as many ways as possible.

But remember …. Sincerity is key! While sharing live feeds from Palestine and being active online to spread awareness is vital to the Palestinian cause, and it surely reignites our sense of Ummah, one should always keep the balance by maintaining their level of worship and private duaa for our brothers and sisters everywhere.  
  1.  Your deeds affect the rest of the Ummah

“Surely Allah does not change the condition of  a people until they change what is in their hearts.” Qur’an 13:11 
Don’t forget the rest of the Ummah in your prayers!