ENGLISH TRANSCRIPTION I thank Allah and send peace and blessings upon His Prophet Muhammad ﷺ My message today is to those who neglect their prayers (Salah) Oh son, Oh daughter, what are you waiting for? Allah has not asked you to pray for him 24 hours a day He swt only asked that every couple of hours you recharge your battery Like saying every few hours recharge your mobile device It’s like you are plugging this device and It’s getting that voltage through the electric wires so you can keep on using it Your heart is just like that mobile device And you have to recharge it every couple of hours So you start charging your battery during Fajr prayer, and then you recharge at Dhuhur prayer   Then Asr, then Maghreb, then Ishaa’ prayer So how are you being lazy and neglectful with something that helps you connect with Allah swt When you stand in prayer you are standing between the hands and mercy of Allah swt In order for Allah to forgive all your previous sins And in order for you to renew your faith and connect with Him, The Almighty A person without prayer is like feather facing the wind Don’t be from those who only run to Allah in times of tribulation Return to Allah in the good times and the bad times In sickness and in health Return to Allah during your youth and when you’re old In all states never give up praying to Allah swt And like the Prophet ﷺ said,
The covenant that stands between us and them is the Salah” (Sahih)
This a covenant between us and Allah, a covenant between us and our Prophet And the first thing a slave will be asked about on the day of judgement is his/her prayer If their prayers (the five daily obligatory prayers) are sound, then everything else will be likewise. If their prayers (the five daily obligatory prayers) are lacking, then everything else will be likewise.