The Sunnah Defined

The Sunnah encompasses the teachings that were guided through words, actions, and approval of the Prophet Muhammad . Following it, consequently, is not merely optional – it signifies deep faith and beloved obedience to Allah. In this video we uncover the importance of Sunnah.

Following the sunnah

The noble Companions exemplified meticulously adopting the teachings of the prophet because they understood the importance of Sunnah, even in little matters of daily life. And for good reason – adhering to the Prophet’s way guarantees immense rewards. After all, each Sunnah act brings the believer closer to divine pleasure.

Ramadan, the blessed month of fasting, presents a prime opportunity to prioritise the Sunnah. With shayateen’s influences diminished, it’s the perfect time for reflection and growth. Moreover, abstaining from worldly indulgences allows greater focus on reviving the prophetic teachings. In addition, the sacred atmosphere further motivates adherence.

Start Simple

So where does one start on this rewarding path?

Begin with small, consistent steps – making intentions to fulfil the sunnah to please Allah. Then, follow up by implementing more gradually. Slowly but surely we will grow a step closer to the characteristics of the beloved Prophet . These simple deeds will pave the way for profound spiritual transformation.

A Guide

The Sunnah is a comprehensive guide, covering etiquettes for every aspect of life – from how to eat to how to sleep; it covers all matters of faith. Embracing it brings us a step closer to the character of the Prophet Muhammad . Just as the Companions revered every prophetic practice, let us too renew our commitment this Ramadan. 

The Sunnah leads to the straight path – gaining Allah’s love and mercy. Its blessings transcend this world into good deeds for your hereafter. So take that first step and follow the Sunnah.

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