Gerard Butler faces criticism after supporting the IDF

Actor Gerard Butler has faced a swarm of criticism from Palestinian activists after posting images of his severely damaged house on social media. His house was burnt following the tragic California Fires that have been ravaging the state for the past weekend. The criticism is predominantly due to his support of the Israeli Defense Force in a recent fundraising Gala dinner. Many online users pointed out the hypocrisy of Butler in shedding light on the destroyed homes in California, yet simultaneously supporting an army which systematically destroys Palestinian homes year on end. Earlier this month, Butler along with many other Hollywood celebrities including Pharrell Williams, joined hands to help the Israeli Defense Forces raise $60 million. The fundraiser was hosted by the Friends of the IDF (FIDF) and took place in Los Angeles in an attempt to provide
“A rare and exclusive opportunity to pay tribute to the state of Israel and its brave men and women in uniform.”The organisation stated that the money collected was to be used to “support the brave men and women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)”.
Butler has always been vocal in his support of Israel and has also expressed his apathy towards any potential criticism in the past. In one interview he stated
“All I know is I love Israel and I don’t worry about any criticism, pro or negative views”.
He ironically also made this statement last month to Walla! News, in reference to his support of Israel:
“I’ll ask someone to burn my house down in Los Angeles so I won’t have anywhere to go back to, and I won’t have any choice but to stay in Israel.”
While we definitely do not derive any pleasure in watching someone go through a loss, especially in such tragic circumstances, it’s important that Gerard Butler is held to account for his support of the Israeli Defense Force. His hypocrisy also needs to be called out and his standing as as a person of influence, necessitate that he is more vigilant in his choices. One Instagram user said it best, when he said
“I take no joy in this and am sorry you lost your home. I want you to understand tho (sic), this is what Palestinians have suffered for 70 years. Yet you just helped raise another 60 million for the IDF, who brought the same to them. Do you understand their pain now? Unfortunately they are not rich like you so it’s not easy for them to rebuild their homes”.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those that are suffering in Palestine as a result of the Israeli Army’s aggression, particularly in Gaza. We also hope more celebrities and social influencers will be more vigilant before advocating any support for the IDF. Our deepest condolences are also with all those battling the Californian fires and our prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy. We also pray that all those who have lost their homes, whether in California or Palestine, will have a speedy return.