First Islamic Girls High School in Sydney

An exciting new project has launched for the Muslim community in Sydney Australia – The first Islamic high school for girls is set to open its doors in 2021. This project is no doubt a long-awaited initiative for the community, and one that is set to be a game-changer in education for the Muslim community of Sydney. As children hit their teenage years, parents embark on the very stressful journey of choosing the right High School for them, and amidst the plethora of hormones and body changes, these young people are expected to make some really important decisions that will inevitably pave their future paths.  Research shows that parents in Australia have a generalized state of anxiety when it comes to finding the right school to fit their children’s needs. Muslim parents, on the other hand, face an even tougher challenge during this period due to the lack of variety when it comes to a school that understands the critical components of a strong Islamic foundation in education. Today, there is an increase in demand and population, and Islamic Schools are no longer able to fulfil the overwhelming numbers of students. In addition, schools have to provide a very delicate mixture to be able to uphold both education and faith, and unfortunately not every family is fortunate enough to strike the right balance in that aspect.  “The High School Choice” dilemma becomes even more complicated when it comes to Muslim teenage girls. Young girls have a unique way of developing and not only do they form half of society, but they are also responsible for raising the other half. Therefore, choosing the right atmosphere for young girls guarantees a righteous and upright society in the future.  Fortunately, this problem is finally being addressed, and for the first time ever in Sydney, parents are going to be able to send their daughters to an Islamic School that is dedicated for GIRLS ONLY! Muslim Girls Grammar School (MGGS) is scheduled to open in early 2021, and is set to start for girls in Year 7 & 8 and will be taking further grades successively in the coming years. 
“As parents, we want to do the right thing for our daughters and care for their well being. Inspired by the best of examples, Prophet Muhammad who said, “Whoever has three daughters, or two daughters and he keeps good company with them and fears Allah regarding them, then Paradise is for him.” Mr Walid Ali – Co-Founder and Chairman of MGGS
Committed to preserving Islamic heritage through academia, MGGS is promising to encourage, inspire and empower young Muslim girls through faith and knowledge, to seek excellence in character and action. The school will primarily be run by Muslim women and is aiming to produce Sydney’s future Muslim female leaders. MGGS promises Girls a warm and welcoming environment, that is tech-equipped for a 21st-century learning experience.  The school will be providing personalised care and support, Before and Afterschool programs, a Diverse Sporting Program, as well as a positive and empowering faith-based co-curricula program.    
“We listen to parents and reassure them through our understanding of the obstacles in raising humble and intelligent Muslim girls. MGGS has been entrusted by the community to provide opportunities to aspirational young girls in seeking excellence in faith, academia, mind & body.” Mr Walid Ali – Co-Founder and Chairman of MGGS  
The founders of MGGS believe that a girls-only school will provide a culture of strong academic achievement based on academic research:
 “Girls in single-sex schools perform better academically than their counterparts in co-educational schools, after holding constant measures of selection, background, peers and school factors”
Muslim Girls Grammar School is situated on a 100-year-old heritage site and is located in the heart of Sydney’s Muslim Community. They have already started taking enrolments for next year. Expressions of interest for enrolment are currently open here.