The day drugs almost killed me

In this new episode of Living Muslim, brother Fred Nagi from Sydney gives a brief insight into what his life was like under the influence of drugs. It’s a heartfelt and compelling piece that should make any drug user reconsider ever taking drugs again. Nagi was first exposed to drugs at the age of 12-13 as a teenager, then was gradually introduced to heavier and more harmful forms of drugs after socialising with bad influences. “I’ve seen many things in my life, friends get killed, lives get ruined, I almost ruined my life”, Nagi stated. He expresses his deep regret in living a life that jeopardized his relationship with his mother, father, wife, and children. “I regret it every day I wake up”, he told Living Muslim. He also sheds light on his turning point in life, which was triggered by a frightening near-death experience which saw him being rushed into the resuscitation ward at the Hospital after overdosing on a heavy amount of drugs. It was a gut-wrenching experience that made him realise the dreadful impact the drugs were taking on his life. “I thought that was the end. I thought it was going to be all over”, he painfully expressed. As he recalls the moment he lay on the hospital bed with nurses and doctors preparing defibrillators to shock his heart back into action, he reminds us of the Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ which taught us that everyone will be resurrected in the state in which they died.
“Each person will be resurrected according to the state in which he died.” Sahih Muslim
He tearfully states that he did not want to ever be of those people who met Allah in a state of intoxication and sin. By the grace of Allah, Nagi has been off drugs for quite some time now and has promised himself and his family to make a change for the better. He expresses the importance of surrounding yourself with a positive environment and steering clear from negative influences in life in order to safeguard one’s sobriety. He also left viewers with a strong message to never leave anyone behind or look down on anyone who may be under the influence of drugs. It’s of crucial importance that we work hard to ensure that our brothers and sisters aren’t left to the streets, but rather we constantly advise them and offer our support and services to help them give up their addiction and make a change for the better.