Charlie Hebdo re-publishes insulting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

French President, Emmanuel Macron, has refused to condemn the re-publishing of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons due to “Freedom of the Press”. The insulting cartoons were re-released in the wake of the trial of those responsible for killing the cartoonists. When asked to comment on the cartoons during a press conference held in Beirut, Macron stated “I think the President of the French Republic should never have the right to comment on any editorial choice by a journalist”. His bold claims were however quickly called out after he publicly blasted a French journalist only minutes after the conference was held. The journalist, Georges Malbrunot (French Newspaper Le Figaro), was responsible for reporting on a secret meeting the French President held with Hezbollah officials whilst in Lebanon. Macron blasted the journalist saying “What you are doing is serious, unprofessional and mean”. The bizarre and yet deeply ironic berating has led many to ask whether or not Macron was sincere in his claims to “freedom of the press”. Or do such freedoms only apply to certain forms of speech directed towards certain groups of people? It is not the first time, France has been publicly called out for its hypocrisy regarding its claim to upholding freedoms. France has long quashed the choice of Muslim women to express themselves for many years, including denying their right to wear the Hijab at School, the Burkini on beaches, and also the face veil in public. As the debate heats up, many have been left wondering when will France end with the inconsistencies?