Five names of the Prophet everyone should know.

From the authentic narration of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we learn that he has many names.
The Prophet ﷺ said: I have many names: I am Muhammad, I am Ahmad, I am al-Mahi through whom Allah obliterates unbelief, and I am Hashir (the gatherer) at whose feet people will be gathered, and I am ‘Aqib (after whom there would be none), and Allah has named him as compassionate and merciful.” Sahih Muslim


“The praised one
This name refers to the Prophet is a man whom people would praise immensely for his beautiful qualities and characteristics. He is also praised by the Creator, Allah Almighty and His Angels, hence he is clearly by all means, “the praised one”. Allah Almighty also commands the believers to send praise the Prophet directly to the Quran.


“The one who gives praise”
This name refers to the fact the Prophet ﷺ  would praise his Lord abundantly and show immense gratitude. The Prophet himself was also the most grateful and thankful of slaves


“The Eraser” This name refers to the status of the Prophet as the one through whom Allah obliterates ignorance and disbelief. (Muslim)


“The Gatherer” This refers to the Prophet’s status of being the gatherer on the day of Resurrection. All the People will be gathered behind the Prophet ﷺ. (Muslim)

Al- ‘Aqib

“The Final” This refers to the Prophet Muhammad being the last of the Prophets after whom there would be no other prophets.   (Muslim)

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Beloved Prophet; Indeed a Mercy to all Mankind.