Man from viral photo from Christchurch Terror Attack speaks out

The man behind the viral photo that was spread following last week’s tragic terror attack in Christchurch has spoken out. Khaled Al Jamali, originally from Gaza, states that he was not awake at the time the photo was taken of him lifting his finger in Shahadah. The index finger in Islam represents the unity of God and monotheism. The photo resonated with millions of Muslims around the world who saw the captured moment as a sign of strength and resilience in the face of terror. Al Jamali also clarifies the rumours spreading that the photo was of the deceased Mohsen Al Harbi from Saudi Arabia. Al Harbi was, in fact, a very close friend of Al Jamali who was killed in the terror attack. We ask Allah to have mercy on all the victims and grant them swift entry into Paradise. We also ask Allah to grant patience to their loved ones and ease in this difficult time.