Remembering Mucad Ibrahim

Young Mucad Ibrahim, 3, was the youngest victim of the horrific Christchurch Terror Attack in New Zealand. His family has given an emotional tribute to OnePath Network on behalf of their beloved son. Mucad’s father, Aden, was with him at the time of the shooting. He reveals that Mucad had died in his arms moments after kissing him goodbye. Aden miraculously survived the incident due to being enclosed beneath the bodies of the victims. The Ibrahim family reveals that Mucad was not only beloved to his community but exceptionally gifted. Despite his young age, Mucad was able to read Surah Al Baqarah on his own, which is the largest chapter in the Quran. Mucad would also frequently be seen picking the Quran off the shelf in Masjid Alnoor, Christchurch and handing it over to the worshippers present. He would also often request his father to take him to the Masjid for daily prayers. We ask Allah to have mercy on all the victims of the Christchurch attack and grant them the highest stations of Paradise. We also ask Allah to grant their families and loved ones patience in this difficult time.