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Uyghur Muslim reveals horrific treatment in Chinese concentration camps

An Uyghur Muslim woman reveals a horrific account of what it was like inside a Chinese concentration camp, where millions of other Uyghur Muslims are held.

Gulbakhar Jelilova recalls the horrors she saw inside the concentration camps, “I saw them take two or three girls everyday for interrogation. When the girls came back interrogations, we could see their hands were injured, fingernails taken out and bruising on the body.”

Women were stripped of their dignity and subjected to horrific abuse inside the concentration camps.

Accounts reveal that prisoners’ hands and feet are shackled all day, except when they have to write. Even in sleep they were shackled.

Gulbakhar was forced to praise the Chinese government and disown her own religion and culture.

She was released after her children repeatedly wrote to the United Nations. She now lives in exile in Istanbul, along with 25,000 Uyghur refugees.

Many of the Uyghur refugees are women and children who have left their families behind to seek security. They have no income, very little savings, and rely on handouts to meet day to day needs.​

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May Allah alleviate the suffering of the Uyghur Muslims.