Here are the Top 6 English Best Islamic Youtube Channels to subscribe to in 2020:

OnePath Network  

OnePath Network is a Muslim production studio based in Sydney, Australia. Producing high-quality videos covering many aspects of our faith: education, current news, Islamic history, short films, and daily inspiration. The content is delivered by a range of international personalities and scholars. OnePath Network has also produced podcasts and a short film called “Last Chance”.  Subscribe: OnePath Network __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Merciful Servant 

One of the biggest Islamic channels on Youtube. Bringing you excerpts from different scholars, and many motivational and Islamic content, helping spread Allah’s word since 2010. Based in the UK, this channel has shared more than 1000 videos and has over 3M YouTube subscribers. This channel is definitely worth checking out.  Youtube: Merciful Servant __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Just like their name this Channel produces high-quality visual reminders to help us increase our love for our Creator, Allah (S.W.T). iLovUAllah is based in the US and has 1.48 M Subscribers on youtube with hundreds of high-quality visual reminders to help us maintain our Iman (faith).    Youtube: iLovUAllah __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Daily Reminder 

This channel aims to create educational and motivational Islamic reminders to help spread the word of Allah and teach us lessons from the Sunnah of The Prophet ﷺ. The Daily Reminder also raises funds for many humanitarian causes through their website:  With over 1M YouTube subscribers and thousands of videos, this channel caters to many different aspects of Muslims’ lives and is a great for of Da’wah to Islam.  Youtube: The Daily Reminder __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Prophet’s Path

Providing the Muslim community on YouTube with high-quality video reminders so they become more educated about their beautiful religion. Based in Canada this channel has 1.25M YouTube subscribers and more than 3000 videos. The Prophet’s Path shares beneficial Islamic reminders that will help give you a faith boost.    Youtube: The Prophet’s Path __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digital Mimbar 

With almost 800K Youtube subscribers and over 5000 videos, this channel shares beneficial excerpts of many Imams and Sheiks from around the world spreading beneficial Islamic advice and lessons.  The Digital Mimbar aims to spread da’wah for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike by sharing videos that are relevant to our societies today.      Youtube: Digital Mimbar