The Problem with Divorce

In this episode of Living Muslim, Mohamed Hoblos expresses his frustrations with the number of divorces that are occurring in today’s society. It’s becoming beyond ridiculous to see the petty and somewhat trivial excuses many people are giving to divorce and separate their spouses. This video is not denying the legitimacy of divorce in Islam and the fact Allah has allowed it in certain situations, including a means of escape from violent and toxic relationships, but this is far from the reality of the majority of cases we are seeing today. This is a must watch video,  something that the Muslim Community really needs to confront head-on today. If divorce does occur, it should only occur after a means of arbitration has taken place involving family and/or community members representing each of the spouses. If both parties legitimately are willing to reconcile their affairs, they would also find Allah ever capable of restoring their affairs.
“And if both parties wish to reconcile. Allah will cause it between them”. Quran 4:35
It should also be done in a manner that upholds the fair treatment of both individuals and most importantly should avoid harming the children if any are involved.
As Allah states in the Quran: “Keep her in an acceptable manner or release (divorce) her in an acceptable manner” Quran 2:229