The story of Moazzem Begg on the OnePath Podcast.

Kidnapped, hooded and stripped, serving years in prison without charge or trial.

The trials of Moazzam Begg are daunting and horrific to say the least, serving time in the infamous Bagram Prison and Guantanamo Bay. 

Although Begg has been declared an innocent man, the memories and his pursuit for justice remain. 

Join us as he walks us through his harrowing journey.

A word of caution, the themes discussed can be confronting and traumatic for some.

00:00 Introduction

02:05 / tackling Racism, shaping my life

05:35 / Early experiences with Islam

09:56 / Bosnian and Sebrenica genocide

16:30 / Kidnapped in Pakistan

19:14 / Praying (and threatened) in custody

29:02 /Physiological torture in GITMO

32:33 / Connecting with Quran in prison

34:39 / Fathers struggle for justice

37:03 / Forgiving his guards

39:40 / Reliance of faith

41:35 / Use of torture in prison

44:26 / American Trophy’s

47:09 / Origins of ISIS

49:00 / Worldly oppression

51:46 / Allah as the true judge

52:55 / Ihsan in activism

54:10 / Dr Aafia Siddiqui

55:30 / closing