A humble servant – with Dr. Omar Abdel Kafi.

What are the Signs that Allah is pleased with you? That Allah has accepted your deeds? Or accepted this action or that act of remembrance? First , A slave should always humble him/herself to Allah swt “Glory is to Allah and His messenger, and the believers” This is the case in worldly dealings But when dealing with Allah we should be humble servants. What does it mean to be a humble servant ? The more humble a human is, and the more he/she feels how much they are in need of Allah, the more they are victorious. Allah swt said in the Quran: “And Allah has already made you victorious at Badr, when you were weak (lowly)” (Quran 3:123) Allah didn’t say Glorious, He said “lowly”, lowly to Allah, not anyone else. Because a human should not be lowly or humble him/herself to anyone but Allah swt. After Allah swt we should be humble towards our parents

“And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy..” (Quran 17:24)

Because parents are granted the status of Rahmah “mercy” from Allah swt. Therefore, if I am humble with my parents, it is as if I have humbled myself to Allah swt. What are the signs of acceptance from Allah swt? How do I know that I am part of those that Allah speaks about “Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him” How will I be granted access/ID card to this group of people? Firstly, by making my actions only for Allah swt’s sake and not to be a hypocrite Or for seeking fame, or money   But only from fearing and loving Allah swt That’s first. Another sign of Allah being happy from me That He opens the doors of worship for me Even when I am not aiming at that path And that He closes the doors of disobedience for me Even when I am walking towards disobeying Him And that which I considered minor, becomes a huge deal And to feel that I have a natural inclination towards Quran What does it mean to be a person of Quran or a person inclining towards Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ? If i read an ayah of the Quran or a Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ , and it mentions a good trait, I find the Quran and the Sunnah are like a mirror reflecting my own character, or vice versa. Therefore, I embody the Quran and Sunnah When people see me they feel I resemble the Quran and Sunnah And this is a sign of Allah being happy from me Another sign that Allah is pleased with me, Is when I do a good deed I pray that it stays a secret and that nobody finds out about it Not my partner, my children or my friends and acquaintances I only want Allah to know and be pleased with me.