Spending the day blind social experiment

Living Muslim actor, Steve Dabliz, spends the day blind in a daring social experiment. Accompanied by Jibraan El Ahmad, who has retinitis pigmentosa, Steve gets a powerful insight into the life of a blind person. Many blind experiments have been done in the past, however, it was important that this was done in the company of a person who actually lives with a visual impairment. This is to ensure that many aspects of living with blindness are taken into consideration apart from the lack of vision. Throughout the experiment, Jibraan touches on many of the difficulties of living with blindness, yet he maintains a powerful sense of positivity and joy in the face of his disability. Following the experiment, Jibraan stated
“This has been just an amazing emotional and wonderful experience and a great Dawah project not only for people with disabilities but for the Australian Muslim community but also for the rest of the Australian community. I would like to thank the entire Onepath Network team for their support help love affection and encouragement for this project and I also want to thank Abu Hanifa Institute as well.”
By no means does this social experiment aim to illustrate the complete experience of what it means to be blind, and never was this the intention of the video. However it does aim to offer a glimpse into the blessing of eyesight that many of us take for granted.