Is the door of “Tawba” always open?

“Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research is a research institute which aims to instill conviction and inspire contribution based on mainstream Islamic texts.” The concept of “Tawba”, or “returning”, is a central aspect of Islam, and an action which both the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad  called to repeatedly. However “Tawba” is not simply just asking for the forgiveness of Allah, although that is an important part of the process. Rather, Tawba is a “return” to Allah (swt), where you humbly admit your fallibility, express sincere remorse while asking for forgiveness, and intend to restrain, reform, and improve yourself in the future. It calls for you to hope in Allah, without assuming you’ll be forgiven, and to pray for yourself and all sinners without despairing. So for all the times you feel regret or think it’s too late to change, know that the door to Tawba is wide open, as long as you’re alive. Read more in “Tawba” Is Not Just “Forgiveness” by Roohi Tahir