The Federal Government has decided to cease funding of up to $19 Million to Australia’s biggest Islamic School “Malek Fahd” in Greenacre Sydney.
The decision comes after an audit report from the Department of Education that suggested the school “Does not have sufficient or effective government arrangements in place” to be running.
 The audit paid particular notice to the school’s:
  • Lack of financial accountability;
  • Lack of adequately qualified board members;
  • Evidence that money is not being used for education only;
  • And Its lack of transparency.
The audit mentions there is “no evidence that Malek Fahd Islamic School has an education, finance or advisory committee”.
Axing in funding, said to take place in April this year, now threatens the closure of the school.
Parents and concerned community members have now come together forming a temporary committee to
not only take a stance against this decision, but to also expel corruption from the existing school board, which is largely controlled by AFIC (The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils).
A meeting held on Monday by the committee indicated that their ultimate goal was to save the school from closure.
They have called for the implementation of a new school board, completely independent from AFIC, also asking them to cease any direct involvement in the school’s operation.
The committee has promised to democratically elect a new board of qualified individuals who will abide by the government’s standards to ensure transparency on the future governance of the school and all of its financials.
They have urged the government to reconsider reinstating funding to ensure the delivery of education to more than  2400 of the school’s students.
They have also called upon political leaders, students, ex students, parents and the wider community for their extended support.