Mohammed Morsi dies during court proceedings

The first ever democratically elected President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, has died after suffering a heart attack during his court proceedings. Yet despite the noted cause of his death, many are labeling his death a planned assassination citing inhumane treatment while imprisoned. Islamic scholars, leaders and Muslims around the world have also named Morsi a martyr and have offered their condolences. Numerous Mosques are also offering funeral prayers in absentia on behalf of Morsi. Mohammed Morsi was imprisoned after being ousted of his presidency in June 2013. For the past six years, he has spent the majority of his imprisonment in solitary confinement and under extreme conditions. He was repeatedly refused legal representation and also denied a doctor, despite his deteriorating health and diabetes. His family was only allowed to visit him a total of three times for the duration of his imprisonment. A British Panel in June 2018 forewarned that were Morsi’s conditions not improve, he would potentially suffer a premature death. The panel also argued that the treatment Morsi was subject to would most likely amount to torture in Egyptian and international law. It added that Sisi “could, in principle, be responsible for the crime of torture”. We ask Allah to accept Mohammed Morsi as a martyr, have mercy on him and enter him into the highest ranks of Paradise.