Famous Nasheed Artist passes away in car accident

The famous Kuwaiti Nasheed artist Mishary Al Aradah, 35,  has died in a car accident in Saudi Arabia. He was famous for the viral Nasheed “Farshee Turab” (The dirt is my mattress). Anasheed that hit the hearts of millions at a time where there was little to no Muslim visual media available. His Nasheeds were known for their eloquence in stirring hearts and minds towards returning to the remembrance of God and the afterlife.
One of his final tweets coincidentally read the Quran verse: “And all will come to Him (God) on the Day of Resurrection alone”. @AlAradahkw His death sent shockwaves throughout the Arab world online, harnessing responses from Scholars and Media personalities alike. Mishary Al Afasy wrote on Twitter: “Oh Allah forgive your servant Mishary Al Aradah and house him in your Gardens.” @Alafasy Popular Kuwaiti Sheikh Nabil Al ’Awady commented on Twitter: “The one with the voice that would remind us of the afterlife has left us to the Merciful Lord.” @NabilAlawadhy Dr. Ai’d Al Qarnee also commented: “There is no separation in death, for we will reunite in the Afterlife. Separation is only where “One is in Paradise and the other is in the Fire”. Oh Allah forgive your servant Mishary Al Aradah” @Dr_AlQarnee

May Allah have mercy on our brother Mishary Al Aradah and enter him into the Highest of Paradise.

May Allah make his works that have spread across the Internet a source of mercy for him in the next life.