Muslims Help Homeless during Snowstorm

A snowstorm swept in and overtook Seattle Washington this past couple of days burying a large proportion of the city under the snow. Reports say that homeless people were the victims of the storm as they found no shelter to keep themselves warm. Some Muslims from Seattle took it upon themselves to help those who were in need at a time where it is extremely dangerous to sleep outdoors. MAPS (The Muslim Association of Puget Sound) have taken the initiative to provide 14 hotel rooms for 28 residents. Considering the expensive costs of renting hotels, these Muslims stepped up to the task stating that their religion teaches them this. Nickhath Sheriff, the founder of the social services arm of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound said: “Our Muslim faith teaches us to take care of our neighbours during times of need” May Allah bless those all around the world who are in the service of the needy.