One of the greatest Islamic Scholars of our time just passed away. Unlike most of the scholars you may come across, this scholar in particular doesn’t run a social media page and barely has any photos. Yet, reports say there were hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a million people in attendance at his funeral prayer. His name was Muḥammad Yūnus Jownpūrī from India. And he was considered the “Muhadith” or “Hadith Teacher” of our current day. It is said he loved the Sunnah like no other and had a deep thirst for Hadith. His passion for knowledge had even distracted him from getting married, despite the fact he lived to almost 80 years of age. He spent his life living in the seminary for Mazahir Al-Ulum in Saharanpur, where many said he would sleep in the company of numerous books. Scholars around the world have shared their condolences. May Allah enter him into the Highest ranks of Paradise with those whom he loved.