In an emotional television broadcast, a young Tunisian man named Ali Borni appeared with his mother on an arabic TV show to beg her to take his kidney, after learning she suffered from Kidney disease. The Mother only agreed to appear on the show thinking that she was going to meet her older son who lived abroad. But her son Ali had brought her onto the show to help persuade her to accept his kidney! In the Quran, Allah ordained the good treatment of parents and stressed the importance of being dutiful and devoted to parents. Kindness to parents is even coupled with the most important aspect of Islam, worshipping God alone.
Your Lord has ordained that you must not worship anything other than Him and that you must be kind to your parents. If either or both of your parents should become advanced in age, do not express to them words which show your slightest disappointment. Never yell at them but always speak to them with kindness. Quran (17:23)