This young woman was kicked out of her house after converting to Islam.   She grew up in a violent household in Brisbane, Australia until she moved out to live with her Uncle and Aunty. She converted to Islam after working with Muslim colleagues and eventually decided to wear the Hijab permanently. Upon her conversion, she was evicted from her house and left on the streets to make ends meet herself despite her young age.   She spent many nights living on the streets and sleeping on park benches until she eventually decided to seek help on Facebook. Her call was immediately responded to by the White Coats, a charity of Muslim brothers run in Sydney. They offered her shelter and temporary accommodation at their Women’s Shelter to assist her in getting back on her feet.   The White Coats are currently in the process of opening a full-time women’s safe house to house women in similar situations escaping from violence and abuse.   For more information please visit the White Coats’ Facebook page “Homeless Run”.